About us

A unique expertise to offer hospitality solutions. Whatever you need, we will source for you the right solutions. A wide range of fully customized products for luxury hotels, private residences and restaurants. Bespoke services and bespoke products as tableware, bed linens, bath linens, amenities, gift items. Bespoke uniforms for all staff (kitchen excluded) bespoke uniforms for hotels, restaurants, private residences.



Casarialto is a niche glass collection: a work around tableware and home accessories, based on the concept of creating products that express high quality, uniqueness and have a useful purpose. Tradition mixed with innovation and the Italian flexible approach to projects are incredible assets for the development of small and special productions.

Casarialto atelier: On 2020 Catherine Urban, Casarialto designer and creator, give birth to Casarialto atelier, a co-creation project conceived to create exclusive products matching her creativity with different artisans savoir faire.

HORECA: A unique  expertise  in fully customizing glass products for luxury hotels, restaurants and branded stores. Dealing with small requests to large quantities adapting accordingly the choice of manufacturing process, always seeking innovative and cost effective way to make a high-end products.